Who We Are

  • Chair: Ric Pasquali
  • Vice Chair: Gareth Jones
  • Secretariat: Alison Orr
  • Treasurer: James Byrne
  • Newsletter Editor: Gareth Jones
  • Membership Officer: Nick O’Neill
  • International Liaison Officer: Volker Rath
  • Well Drilling Representative: Nicholas Wall
  • Events Officer: Taly Hunter Williams
  • Website Editor: John Burgess

Committee gathering at the Geothermal Energy Conference on 13th November 2013:

Photo 11

Refer to GAI Committees 1998 – 2013 for reference to all those who have participated on the committees of the Geothermal Association of Ireland since its beginnings in 1998.

Ric Pasquali, Chairperson of the GAI. Ric is a Professional Geologist with over 12 year experience in consultancy, project management and project development. Ric has a degree and a master in geology from Trinity College Dublin. Following graduation Ric worked as a geologists at Eugene Daly Associates before joining SLR Consulting in 2005, GT Energy in 2009 and setting up GeoServ. His core areas of expertise include geology, geothermal energy (shallow and deep), environmental geology and energy efficiency. Ric has advised local authorities, government agencies as well as private sector clients on geothermal energy resource assessment and development solutions, regulatory and legislative frameworks as well as providing project management services during exploration and development stages. Ric is also a non-executive board member of the Institute of Geologists of Ireland and a Member of the European Federation of Geologists.

James Byrne, Treasurer and Vice-Chair of GAI. James Byrne is the founder and chairman of the Sirus Group. He began his career in the family engineering business and went on to study HVAC technology in Bolton Street College (now DIT). He spent a number of years in the early 80s working as a consultant designing HVAC systems and during this period elected to specialise in the application of Building Management Systems (BMS). His interest in BMS, HVAC and energy has led him to establish a number of companies over the past 25 years dealing with many aspects of building technology. He led one of these companies to win the SEAI Sustainable Energy Innovation Award in 2012, has led Sirus in EU FP7 projects.

John Burgess, Web-site editor and Past-Chair of the GAI, works in the Cork office of Arup providing a leading role in delivering sustainable solutions for the built environment. With a broad, international, experience in building engineering of close to 30 years, John applies a wide range of low-to-zero carbon, technologies and innovative solutions to the accommodation of people in the built environment. In delivering projects of award winning calibre, John’s focus is to develop solutions that enhance visual and thermal comfort, while providing a welcoming space to be in. John assists clients with energy efficiency upgrades, making significant reductions in operating cost and CO2 emissions whilst maintaining systems’ performance. John is a member of CIBSE and ASHRAE, and a chartered engineer with Engineers Ireland.

Alison Orr is secretary of the GAI. Alison is a hydrogeologist in the ground engineering group with Arup in Dublin. She joined Arup in May 2014 and has experience in hydrogeology, water quality, karst hydrogeology and contaminated land risk assessment. Alison has a BSc in Environmental Science, an MSc in Environmental Engineering and has completed a PhD on hydrogeological influences on the fate and transport of nitrate in groundwater. The research involved (i) a national scale approach, using multi-statistical methods to investigate the influence of various hydrogeological and landuse parameters on groundwater nitrate fate, and (ii) a catchment scale approach, utilising hydrogeological and hydrochemical methods, including nitrate isotopes, to investigate nitrate fate and transport along hydrogeological pathways in two agricultural catchments underlain by aquifers of high and low permeability bedrock. Alison has presented her research at national and international conferences.

Gareth Ll. Jones (EurGeol, BSc, MSc, PGeo) is the Vice Chairman and Newsletter Editor of the GAI. He qualified with an Honours BSc in Geology from Queens University Belfast and was awarded his MSc by Trinity College Dublin. His geological consultancy Conodate deals with geothermal energy, karst, industrial minerals and biostratigraphy. Gareth is a Geothermal Consultant with the CSA Group and Convener of the Expert Panel on Geothermal Energy of the EFG. He was President of the EFG from 1999-2002 and of the IGI from 2005-2007. Gareth was Project Manager of the GT Skills geothermal training programme from 2005-2007.

Volker Rath is the GAI International Development Officer.

Taly Hunter-Williams is the GAI Events Officer and is a Senior Hydrogeologist in the Groundwater Programme of the Geological Survey of Ireland. She has ten years experience in the Government sector, and her main areas of work during that time have been groundwater protection, including source protection zone mapping, and the initial and further characterisation phases of the Water Framework Directive. In the last few years, together with her colleagues, she has been involved in re-establishing a geothermal programme in the GSI.

Nick O’Neill is the Membership Officer of the GAI.

Nicholas Wall represents the well drilling community on the GAI committee.

Committee Photo at AGM June 2011 in IKEA