Draft Geothermal Manual now avaialble for comment in consultation period - closing Wednesday 30th April, read on....

The Groundwater Section of the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) initiated the Shallow Geothermal Energy project with the objective of developing:

1) Best practice guidance for the installation of ground source heat systems in Ireland via a Homeowner’s Guidance Manual and via Technical Guidelines;
2) An installations database that will contain appropriate information - including soils and geology - for ground source heat installations;
3) National shallow geothermal energy resources maps.

An initial consultation workshop was held in February 2012 at the GSI which brought together different stakeholders involved in the shallow geothermal sector in Ireland.

The Homeowner Manual is one of the main deliverables of the project. It provides background information to the member of the public on the benefits of using ground source heat pump systems, as well as presenting the practical aspects associated with the installation of different types of collectors and systems. The content of the Homeowner Manual has been informed by general enquiries received by the Geothermal Association of Ireland (GAI).

The final draft version of the Homeowners Manual is being circulated to stakeholders that participated to the initial project workshop in February 2012 and to those who have kindly provided information and support in the compilation of this document, and others who have expressed an interest.

The consultation period is open until the 30th of April 2014 - During this time we would really appreciate your comments and views on the draft manual. Please submit these by email to shallowgeothermal@gsi.ie

We will be considering comments and appropriate amendments of the final version during May 2014, after which time the Manual will be available for download on the Shallow Geothermal project page on the GSI website (http://www.gsi.ie/Programmes/Groundwater/Geothermal.htm)