About Us

The Geothermal Association of Ireland (GAI) was formed in January 1998 to Promote the Development of Geothermal Resources in Ireland. The GAI is a member of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) and of the International Geothermal Association (IGA).


The GAI promotes the development of geothermal energy in Ireland in:



GAI encourages its members to get involved and can show how to access EU and national funding.



  • Conducting and participating in seminars, field trips, conferences, presentations to the public & private sector.
  • GAI is involved with measures to accredit and certify heat pump manufacturers, installers and suppliers.



  • Publication of GAI newsletter
  • Organising GAI field trips, conferences & workshops



Submissions to Government consultations including:

  • Department of Energy "Consultation on Geothermal Energy in Ireland"
  • Department of Enterprise "Green Paper on Sustainable Energy"
  • Department of Environment "Climate Change Strategy"



  • Over 60% of ground source heat pumps installed in Ireland over last 5yrs have been by GAI members.
  • Research and promotion of low enthalpy hydro geothermal energy based on shallow groundwater now utilized in numerous public buildings in Cork City.