Geothermal energy and ground source heat has the potential to make a significant contribution to Ireland's 2020 renewable energy targets through heating and cooling applications. Speakers will present the latest developments in mapping ground source and deep geothermal resources in Ireland, demonstrating how these can form an integral part of energy planning while addressing the challenges of decarbonising the heating and cooling sector. This session will launch a set of ground source collector suitability maps and a homeowner manual, as well as providing information on the completion of geothermal collectors.  The workshop is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders including private sector, local authorities, policy makers and members of the public  who wish to better understand more about geothermal energy and ground source heat pump applications. The speakers are:

  1. A Guide to Shallow Geothermal Energy Resources in Ireland -  Taly Hunter Williams (Geological Survey of Ireland)
  2. Geothermal and Ground Source Collectors - Drilling Best Practice - Nicholas Wall (Walls Well Drilling)
  3. Deep Geothermal Energy in Ireland - Results from the IRETHERM Project – Sarah Blake (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
  4. Geothermal Energy and The Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland  - Nick O'Neill (SLR Consulting)
  5. Energy Planning and Geothermal resources - Examples and Tools from around Europe - Ric Pasquali (GeoServ)

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